Forex trading strategies

Forex trading strategy is one of the essential components of successful and long-term trading. The trading system is a set of rules to open a position and then close it either by Take Profit or Stop Loss. It is essential to understand that the trading system should provide a clear signal on all aspects of market analysis, the choice of currency pairs, the decision of the time interval, the size of the protective stop, take profit level and the moment of entry into the market. Moreover, the absence of a trading system is one of the most common mistakes of a trader.


Profitable forex strategies1

Profitable forex strategies

In this section, we have collected both our developments and trading techniques and methods, as well as strategies sent to us from other traders forex 2015 and profitable forex strategies with which we are working for quite a long time. Methods are not only graphical analysis but also based on indicators only. You need to to understand that if you do not have a ready-made way of trading, you can spend years developing it and trying to apply it to the real forex market.

The best forex strategies

So it's not a big deal if you take a ready-made trading method or a strategy that you like and start working with it. And if we are talking about graphical analysis methods, it is not necessary to take all the models directly and trade them. You need to choose 2-3 models and gradually master their nuances first on a demo account and then on a real account, thus developing your best forex strategies.


We have worked on each presented trading strategy, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate and ask us!

Forex Graphic Strategies

Wolfe Waves

Wolfe Waves is an off-the-shelf trading method invented initially by Bill Wolfe and detailed and clearly described in his book Bill Wolfe "Wolfe Waves". Of course, the Wolfe Wave method was developed for the stock market of those years, but now you can find its markings on the currency pair and other instruments. Thus, we can safely say that the Wolfhound Waves can be successfully applied to the Forex market as well.

The trading system "Extra"

The graphical method of market analysis, which includes the trading system "Extra", developed and presented by Igor Sayadov, represents a different principle of analysis and trading, where you need to draw a lot and think about the further price movement. He proposed a model of price behaviour on the market, thanks to which one can qualitatively predict new price movement and earn on it on Forex.

Trend Forex strategies

Forex strategy MA + Bollinger Bands

The idea of such trading can not be called a new or better forex strategy in 2015, but the plan "MA + Bollinger Bands" has serious advantages and has already been tested by time. If you are tired of looking for graphical models in the forex market, and looking for a simple forex strategy for every day, with simple rules for entry and exit from the market, the system based on the Bollinger Bands will suit you.

Trading System Traffic Light

The trading system "Svetofor" is designed to work only on the trend, and the pattern must be quite strong; otherwise, the result will be zero.  The advantage of this trading system is that it eliminates small noise in the price movement, which we can sometimes pay attention to, but at the same time, this system requires from the trader discipline and restraint.  If a trader has these qualities, then the "Traffic Light" system will reward his profit.

Trading system ATR + MA

The ATR+MA trading system works in a calm market, and the best results are shown during the sideways movement when there is no trend in the market. But even in a definite direction, you can make a good profit. In the trading system ATR+MA, the author uses moving averages (MA) and a volatility indicator. To use the ATR+MA method, we need to add two moving average indicators and AverageTrueRange on the chart.


Profitable forex strategies2

Short-term forex strategy

Trading System Schedule

The trading system "sagging" is a straightforward forex strategy, which can be mastered by even the novice trader. The system is designed to trade during strong impulses in the market; however, it is not a long-term trend forex strategy. When trading with the system, we have clear rules for entering the market, setting a protective stop and take profit levels.

Trading Strategy MA + Channel

Forex trading system Moving Average and Channel is a straightforward variant of trading with strict rules for entering and exiting a position. And the potential profit is much higher than planned losses of 40 standard points. Thus, the forex strategy MA + Channel can safely recommend beginners and all who are psychologically comfortable to trade using moving averages.

Strategy Breakthrough of Volatility

Trading forex start-up on a breakthrough of volatility is a unique option for trading with a minimum stop. It is not a trend strategy; on the contrary, we are looking for lull moments in the market to place an order at such moments to put the price outside the price corridors.

Flat Forex strategy

Trading strategy MACD + Stochastic

The MACD + Stochastic trading system is a universal trading system that can be used at different stages of market volatility, whether it is a crisis market with high volatility or a quiet market with low volatility. Currency pairs fit absolutely everything, but we should know that the less we pay the spread, the more we will make a profit ourselves.

Contend Forex strategies

Trading system Lazy

This simple forex strategy is designed to work against a trend. In the trading system "Lazy" MACD indicator we will use it for its intended purpose. For example, looking for "convergence" and "divergence", and as we know these signals always appear against the main price movement, i.e. the profit from this system is either correction or reversal point of the current trend.

Forex strategy Divergence

Forex strategy divergence works perfectly during a sideways trend; here you can even buy and sell immediately on the troughs and peaks of the market. As we mentioned earlier, it is best to open positions when the signal line exits the MACD histogram area, and it will signal the end of the current movement.